Mastering Your Money Mindset with Jessica Giles

If you find yourself living "paycheck to paycheck" then it's possible that you've cultivated a scarcity mindset in relation to money. At some point in your life, you may have experienced an event which now dictates your mindset concerning your finances. Consequentially, you now operate from that mental space leaving you with less than desirable results both personally and professionally.

You may find yourself afraid to spend money or spending most of your money the minute it hits your bank account. While there are certainly emotional components associated with this, most important of all is the mindset you maintain around how you make and spend money.

Financial empowerment, education and confidence is something that is widely lacking in the professional aesthetic industry and this is where Jess’s unique skill set and genius zone come into powerful play!

As a certified Money Mastery Coach, Jess will use this session to powerfully support you across all areas of money including money mindset, manifestation, the law of attraction, money management and wealth creation.

All areas addressed and nurtured together create an unstoppable financial uprising! You, your business and your bank account cannot afford to miss out on this event, literally!

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Conflict Resolution Techniques with Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Our industry brings all kinds of people and personalities into one space, and on nearly all occasions people are great; They come ready to work, join in as active team player, care for their clients amazingly...

Then there is the but…. “butting heads”...

Are you or your team struggling with communication? Do you find it difficult to navigate conflict to find resolutions? Unsure how to discuss issues in a clear and concise manner?

Join us on the 15th of March at 12pm, as Kylie-Ann of Solution Creator shares with us the tools and strategies she uses to achieve a better cultured work place.

Kylie-Ann, a previous owner of 2 beauty businesses for 20 years, now Neuro linguistic practitioner, directs business owners towards success in their business through exploring their limiting beliefs and challenging the stories we tell ourselves. 

For anyone that struggles with confrontation or conflict, this is a seminar not to be missed!


Just $14.95, Purchase your ticket here!

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